PIMIL is the acronym for Partners-in-Ministry-in-Liberia. PIMIL was established in January 2005 at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Westerville, Ohio.


PIMIL evolved from the “Liberian Ministry,” which was a ministry of St. Matthew’s from 1998 to 2004. PIMIL is an outreach scholarship assistance program to assist families of children who live below the United Nations defined poverty level on less than $1.90 a day. That assistance now includes the Ebola orphans and since 2020, COVID-19 orphans.

The PIMIL mission through education is as follows: 

  • Demonstrating God’s love through Jesus

  • Building Lives

  • Restoring Hope

  • Enabling Dreams

  • Building Liberia

  • Fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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On the first Sunday of the month, during both worship services, Trinity collects loose change in support of PIMIL. Donations are also accepted on this website--click on SUPPORT PIMIL below.