"Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?" 

"I will, with God's help."

Book of Common Prayer, page 305

Care Ministry

At Trinity, our Care Ministry embodies the principle of congregation members caring for one another. Caring for others is central to our church's mission, and it's a commitment we make through our baptismal vows. While the Rector holds primary responsibility for soul care, laypersons play a vital role, particularly in practical support. Within our congregation, we have individuals who are homebound, hospitalized, lonely, ill, grieving, as well as newcomers, new parents, and those newly baptized or confirmed. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone feels supported and valued within our community.

  • Meal Ministry

    Whether you're an avid chef, a passionate baker, or someone who simply delights in the act of feeding others, our Meal Ministry welcomes you with open arms. This ministry embodies the essence of compassion and solidarity, aiming to provide comfort and sustenance to those within our church family facing various trials and tribulations.

  • Crisis Child Care

    This ministry is not about babysitting for date nights; rather, it's about stepping in to offer a helping hand when families are facing unforeseen challenges such as medical emergencies, sudden hospitalizations, domestic crises, or other urgent situations. Our goal is to ease the burden on parents and guardians during these difficult times by ensuring that their children are well cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. All volunteers interested in participating in this ministry must complete the Diocese's Safe Church training for children's volunteers.

  • Flower Gift Ministry

    Our Flower Gift Ministry is a heartfelt initiative designed for individuals who have a passion for floristry and a garden brimming with beautiful blooms. Unlike the Flower Guild, which focuses on floral arrangements for church services and events, The Flower Gift Ministry is dedicated specifically to gifting flowers to individuals in need of comfort, encouragement, or celebration outside of church walls.

  • Funeral Hospitality

    In moments of grief and sorrow, the need for solace and support is paramount. Our Funeral Hospitality Ministry is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming space for mourners to gather, reflect, and find comfort following funeral services. Unlike formal receptions held in separate venues, our ministry offers a simple yet heartfelt gesture of hospitality right at the back of the nave. Here, mourners can find a moment of respite and connection without the need to venture elsewhere.

  • Greeting Card Ministry

    Are you a craft enthusiast with a knack for creativity? Or perhaps you're someone who appreciates the power of heartfelt gestures but prefers organizing to crafting? Either way, our Greeting Card Ministry invites you to be part of a meaningful endeavor that brings joy, comfort, and encouragement to others during various life events. Crafty individuals are encouraged to join our card makers' team, where you can unleash your creativity and craft beautiful greeting cards for occasions such as Christmas, Easter, bereavement, or during times of sickness.
    Your handmade cards will serve as tangible expressions of love, empathy, and support for those in our community who may be in need of encouragement.

  • Lay Eucharistic Visitor

    Being a Lay Eucharistic Visitor is a sacred and compassionate endeavor dedicated to ensuring that every member of our congregation has access to the Blessed Sacrament of Communion, regardless of their ability to attend church services. Licensed by the Diocese, our ministry of volunteers play a crucial role in bringing spiritual nourishment and comfort to those who are homebound or hospitalized. If you feel called to serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, we encourage you to explore our Lay Ministry Training page for more information.

  • Prayer Book Ministry

    If you're passionate about spreading the faith but aren't able to engage in direct visitation, our Prayer Book Ministry offers a meaningful alternative. Through this ministry, you can participate in nurturing the spiritual journey of individuals within our congregation by providing them with prayer books for significant milestones in their lives. Whether it's the joyous arrival of a newborn, the sacred sacrament of baptism, or the reaffirmation of faith through confirmation or reception, prayer books serve as cherished gifts that mark these significant milestones in the lives of individuals within our congregation.

  • Prayer Chain Ministry

    If you're a spiritual person with a heart for prayer and a desire to uplift others in their time of need, our Prayer Chain Ministry provides a powerful avenue for you to make a difference. By joining this ministry, you'll become part of a community dedicated to interceding for the specific intentions of our sick, lonely, and in-need parish members. Through the power of collective prayer, we offer comfort, strength, and solace to those in need. Your prayers, no matter how small, can make a profound difference in the lives of others.

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry

    If you're a person who loves to knit or crochet, our Prayer Shawl Ministry offers a beautiful opportunity to channel your creative talents into a meaningful endeavor. In this ministry, we invite you to knit or crochet shawls of any style, stitch, or color with the intention of providing comfort and warmth to parish members during times of need. Prayer shawls are handcrafted with love and care, imbued with prayers and blessings for the recipient. Whether you prefer to knit or crochet, you have the freedom to express your creativity and personal style in each shawl you create.

  • Prescription Delivery

    Are you a reliable individual who prides themselves on attention to detail and a willingness to lend a helping hand? Our Prescription Delivery Ministry offers a vital service for members of our congregation who may be sick, without transportation, or facing other challenges that make it difficult to pick up their prescriptions. This ministry seeks to alleviate this burden by offering a convenient prescription delivery service. Volunteers step in to pick up prescriptions from pharmacies and deliver them directly to the doorsteps of those in need.

  • Transportation Ministry

    If you're a dependable driver with a clean license and some spare time to spare, our Transportation Ministry offers a meaningful way to serve those in our congregation who may need assistance getting to medical appointments, procedures, or church services. Volunteers step in to offer assistance, ensuring that no one in our congregation misses out on essential appointments or the opportunity to worship together.

  • Visiting Ministry

    If you possess the gift of friendship and have a compassionate heart, our Visiting Ministry offers a wonderful opportunity to bring warmth, companionship, and human connection into the lives of those who may be experiencing sickness, aging, or loneliness. As a visitor, your role is to provide companionship and support to individuals who may be isolated or in need of a friendly face. Whether you're visiting someone in their home, a hospital, or a care facility, your presence can make a meaningful difference in their day.

About Care Ministry

Welcome to our Care Ministry, where our congregation takes care of one another with compassion and support. 

Our dedicated carers provide a range of services including hospital and home visits, transportation to medical appointments, prescription delivery, meal assistance, emergency child care, funeral hospitality, giftbook ministry, prayer shawls, flower gifts, greeting cards, and intercessory prayers. We're here to support each other through life's challenges and joys, extending a helping hand and a caring heart to those in need within our community.

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