Covid-19 Guidelines for Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square

“For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all.” 1 Corinthians 9:19


Paul tells us something powerful about the ethos of Christianity. Christians are not self-actualizers or self-asserters on the whole. Christians are servants — servants of God first and foremost; and then servants to their neighbors. Really, the two are inseparable. In our freedom, we love outside ourselves. Our Covid-19 guidelines are shaped by love of neighbor and considering others before ourselves, especially the most vulnerable. Being able to feel safe in church makes a real difference to many in this situation as they are otherwise relatively socially isolated. An hour of worship, even masked, helps them (and all of us) feel embraced by the love of God and of our fellow Christians.


Trinity bases our Covid-19 guidelines on City of Columbus orders, recommendations from the Diocese of Southern Ohio Medical Task Force and in relationship to the CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker.  We will review the CDC Community Transmission Metrics for Franklin County as of each Thursday, and communicate appropriate changes to the guidelines in both E-Chimes and on social media. The following guidelines were approved by vestry effective February 17, 2022 and will be reviewed following the availability of a vaccine for children ages five and under.


HIGH Transmission:

  •       People ages 6 and older attending services and meetings to wear masks, even if they are vaccinated.
  •       Choir, clergy and lay ministers process on feast days only.
  •       Coffee hour remains beverages only.


SUBSTANTIAL Transmission:

  •       Masks required during all worship services for people ages 6 and older.
  •       Choir, clergy and lay ministers process.
  •       Masks required for any meetings held with ten or more people.
  •       Shared meals must be conducted while seated and at tables.


MODERATE Transmission:

  •       Masks recommended but not required for any person who is fully vaccinated.
  •       Masks requested for the unvaccinated.
  •       No regulation on shared meals.


LOW Transmission

  •       No masks required.
  •       No regulation on shared meals.

NOTE: Trinity now offers the common cup at communion. Each person should decide whether to receive in one kind (the bread only) or also to drink from the cup. Intinction (dipping), once so common in the Episcopal Church, contributes to the spread of any communicable disease.