New Rector Search

The process for calling a new rector at Trinity is one of mutual discernment that is engaged by the parish members, vestry, Vision Trinity, the search committee, and the candidates in partnership with the Bishop and their staff. This important time must be carried out prayerfully and with great care. It requires a commitment of time, energy and resources. We understand that there is energy and excitement for the search committee to find a new priest for the parish. We trust that God is at work in the process and invite you to join in.  


Developing the Parish Profile

The next step in Trinity’s transition to new clergy leadership is developing the Parish Profile. Here are a few Q & A’s with important information about this key phase:

What is a Parish Profile?

An instrument that provides important information concerning a parish, including information about the parish's services and programs, budget, parish life and goals, and previous clergy. Two Parish Profiles will be developed – one a “glossy” publication with pictures, the other a standardized form provided by the Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) of the Episcopal Church. 

Who will be responsible for developing the Parish Profile?

Members of VisionTrinity will take the lead. Alex Wenning has been chosen to lead the process by the other members of the group. VisionTrinity includes Bill Bronson, Dale Deubler, Harriet Donaldson, Mary Gahbauer, Michael Gilligan, and Brad Sturm.

How long will it take to develop the Profile?

Trinity will be conducting a parish survey beginning the week of 10/31 to help in the development of a Parish Profile for our Rector search. An invitation to take the online survey will be emailed to Trinity’s email list when the survey link is active. 

Will I be asked to offer input?

Yes! The preparation of the parish profile is part of the congregation's work to clarify goals and needs in beginning the search process for its next clergy leadership. The work of preparing the parish profile will involve hearing from the people of Trinity at parish meetings, including a listening session at Rise & Shine in the chapel on Sunday, 12/11 at 9:15am, small group discussions, questionnaires answered by parishioners, online surveys beginning 10/31, and other ways to get input from Trinity’s constituents.

Does the Diocese of Southern Ohio provide support?

Absolutely! The Canon for Transitions and Congregation Vitality, the Rev. Canon Michael Spencer, met with the Vestry and VisionTrinity on April 20, and has continued to be in conversation with parish leadership. A Transition Consultant, Larry Hayes, is helping guide the process. He works closely with VisionTrinity.

What happens to the Profile once it’s completed?

Once the Parish Profile is drafted, the Bishop and Canon for Transitions will review it. The Vestry also needs to review and approve it. Once the Profile has been reviewed and approved, the completed parish profile is made available to clergy who are interested in a call to serve as clergy leader of Trinity.