2017 Annual Giving Pledge Form

Thank you for your support of the mission of Trinity Church on Capitol Square.

Communities of faithful congregations, like Trinity Church, play a lasting role in the progress of our nation and our city. Our parish continues to inspire, equip, convene, and renew a broad range of people with a host of needs and dreams. We continue to be in the business of making disciples (“followers”) of Jesus Christ. This is our shared work in a wonderful, historic parish church. So, as we look toward a new year of ministry, connection, creativity, and service in the name of Jesus at Trinity Church, We trust that you will see your annual giving as an essential sign of discipleship – a concrete expression of your desire to make known in the world the goodness of God and God’s faithful people, and thereby, like our city today, move ahead in confidence and joy.
Support from the members and friends of Trinity Church are the primary means by which the operation and work of the church is supported. Please pledge your gift using the form below to help Trinity plan responsibly for the upcoming year. The form will be sent securely to Parish Financial Administrator Dave Fontana. Financial information is kept strictly confidential.


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Community & Public Ministries
Outreach to our homeless neighbors and social justice issues
Worship, Music & Arts
Plan and coordinate liturgical and social arts events
Hospitality & Social Events
Ushers and Parish Life ministries of welcome
Architecture & Gardens
Our dedicated "Layweeders" gardening team and building care

A mission of connectedness and care amongst all persons linked with Trinity Church.



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We thank you for your promised contribution to the mission of Trinity Church. We will confirm receipt of this pledge form and will send statements for your records throughout the year.

Read the Rector's stewardship letter for 2017 here.


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